Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you very much for your messages of encouragement. You can’t believe how good they were for me last night when I read them.
They gave me a lot of strength. So do not deprive yourself, I'm interested in all the energy you can pass on to me.

This adventure Stand as One is a dream come true. Every day I realise the incredible chance that I have to realise this vision. I think of our sponsors, the 14 companies that have embarked on this journey to also achieve a greater collective ambition. At our level, we all take risks to achieve something. For my part, I am at the base camp of a new Everest. I am determined, but as always, millions of doubts assail me. Reading your small words works like magic. Thank you !

This night, we went along the south face of Brasil's largest oil field off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Over 300 kilometres long dotted with a thousand lights. Lighting platforms and work boats at night which literally captivate. With Sam, we had passed on the inside; Yesterday in single-handed mode, I did not want to tackle it and so I wisely followed the outer edge at speed with surfs at more than 20 knots.

Today, the wind calmed down and I will observe tonight no more than about fifteen knots on the anemometer. We glide at speed under a tradewind sky. It's very nice because the cockpit is dry inside and calm. We must enjoy it, because tomorrow we begin going up close-hauled in 15-20 knots of wind. There will be the sea and it will get wet again.

David, my ghost crew is exemplary. He does nothing ! And I beg you to believe that it is not easy to do nothing on a boat when one is a sailor. From time to time, during the night I found him right behind me on the deck as if he wanted to surprise me. And it works ! On could say that it's a ghostly embodiment of my hallucinations during the Transat Jacques Vabre. David spends all day on the boat between the three places he has adopted for the siesta, watching movies and reading a book that he's promised to leave me after disembarkation. We meet for meals.
It's really great to have him on board for the initial solomiles. He is a very good fellow traveler, and even if he does not touch anything, he keeps a professional eye on my manoeuvres and on the boat. This morning he pointed the mainsail while I loosened the reef. A carriage axis wanted to come loose. With the incredible vibrations suffered by the rigging, it frequently happens that screws unscrew by themselves. So I made my first single-handed DIY and sent back the sail.

I realise that even with the superb work of Matthieu and David in Itajaí, the boat deserves a good holiday and a good dockyard. This solo maiden-voyage is perfect for him and for me. We will forge strong links one-on-one and we will take care of ourselves.

Good night. Speak to you tomorrow.