Hello everybody

Today there is wind on the menu. We sailed between 20 and 30 knots upwind on a nice ocean. It is calm now and with the moon the show it's quite magical. We zoom along at high speed on a gently shimmering carpet.

Around 11am this morning as I was taking a reef, the autopilot stalled and the boat tacked without warning. So we found again a loose keel and ballasts while fully downwind. This is not the sort of thing that one likes to have while sailing. Even more so being alone on the big boat. No time to be scared. First of all, shock the mainsail, drop the runner, and swing the keel in the middle, trying to recover the sheets de solent all the while with the tiller in his hands. It is easier to write than to do that believe me! David is perfect. He's there but does nothing. He waits safely waiting until i'm calling out to be rescued. Finally after several long minutes of struggling, the boat gets back on the right tack. And 40 minutes later we are disentangled and tidied away and back on our way.

After this operation, the first for me single-handedly on the Imoca, I feel tired but very happy and very serene. I thank David for not having moved because the lesson wouldn't have been the same. I sit under the roof in the wind and I appreciate the moment for a long time. This is how trust is created between the skipper and his boat by making mistakes and managing to fix them together. It is times like this that I am connected to the boat. Tonight I know better about Stand As One and it's limitations. I know I'm able to deal with such crisis'. I still know myself a little better and I feel that I made another step towards my goal. It's exciting seafaring on these machines.

Until tomorrow