We’d all been patiently looking forward to it so much. Therefore it was with great pleasure that the team of Stand as One was able to assist in the launch of Eric Bellion’s boat on Monday, 8 June in Port-la-Forêt

Designed by architect Finot-Conq and over 18 meters long and weighing 8.5 tons, this won’t be the ship’s first race. Launched for the first time in late May 2008, for the Vendée Globe i twill sport the n° 100, a round number, for this round-the-world solitary trip.

The decoration of the ship was carried out in collaboration with students of the Equal Opportunities program from the Culture & Diversity Foundation, and students from Printed Image of Art Deco from The EnsAD, Anaïs Lacombe, Laurent Ungerer- designer and professor at the EnsAD, and Jean-Baptiste Epron, designer of the most famous racing yachts. A collaborative project which we mentioned in these pages before that has already highlighted the message at the heart of Stand as One’s process. ie ‘Diversity as a source of innovation and performance.’