Time for a pause for Granolas / videos / e-mails on Stand as One !
Here are the first pictures of Eric Bellion and Sam Goodchild from the boat after the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre.

The start of the race is intense for Stand as One. For nearly 96 hours Eric and Sam are at their limit with the wind peaking up to 40 knots.
Our skippers are eagerly awaiting the lift which should arrive by Friday. Lying 10th in the overall rankings this morning, Eric and Sam maintained their direction from within their cavern, swept along by the sea spray and continue their adventure in a good humour.

"On Stand as One we have no real shelter, we have just a small cabin to protect us from the weather. Outside the wind is over 30 knots. There is not much sail I can tell you, it beats down in all directions and the boat crunches. We can not eat too much. We just get on with it and wait for it to pass. We know we will have a bit more wind ahead so we are patient and follow the route we have set. A final change of sails was made and now we should stay on the same bearing for quite some time so that's cool! Otherwise the atmosphere is great on board. We are in the process of eating some Granolas. We send you some kisses, see you soon!"