It has now been 12 years that the navigator Eric Bellion has demonstrated over plenty of races that human diversity within a team is a key performance factor and a source of innovation in business.
In keeping with this, Eric and a crew of 80,000 people are launching the project "Stand as One" and are participating in the Vendée Globe 2016.

It is via this round-the-world race - the best known and the most media covered one - that they are betting on changing the public’s opinion on diversity and encouraging them to take action to live better together.

To do that, Eric Bellion, as a man of conviction, has transmitted his ambition to thirteen companies that will be participating in the project not just in financial matters, but by also taking action on diversity in their own businesses.

Throughout, the Vendée Globe will be a virtual race which will follow the route of our navigator. Each of the twelve sponsors will prepare internally five video testimonials on five values: Dare to be different, Trust, Innovation through constraints, Collective performance, and Triumphing as a team. The films will be widely distributed on social networks, and subject to public votes. In the roles of actors and screenwriters, the employees will then promote their vision of difference to get the widest possible audience following. Every day Eric will hoist a mast at the rear of the boat with the most efficient company.
If this soliDary race will officially be launched on November 6, 2016, the adventure Stand as One has already begun.

From it’s inception to the realisation of this crazy project- this video reveals the whole adventure!