Dressed thanks to diversity: Eric Bellion dares to be different and appeals to youth to decorate the boat of Stand as One.

For Eric Bellion to transmit his message- It’s good, Its better to do it live! He naturally turned to the youthful exhuberance and imagination of the pupils and students to design the identity of his IMOCA.

Normally, the decoration of a yacht consists of the declination of the sponsor's brand identity. Our skipper, keen to make himself stand-out on the water has created his own visual identity for "Stand as One". The normal habit of highlighting the sponsor leaves space for the design of a logo and a unique decor illustrating the diversity of the assembled talents.

Dare to be different – Starting from a blank page, he met pupils registered in the program ‘Equal Opportunities in Art and Design 2014 -2015’ from the Foundation of Culture & Diversity whose mission it is to promote access to the arts and culture for young people from modest backgrounds. It is these young people who have toiled hard for four days on the theme of "Diversity" during an educational workshop.

Trust – Drawing inspiration from the exhibition from the Foundation of Culture & Diversity, EnsAD students in the third year of the Printed Image of Art Deco proposed various designs for the IMOCA. The jury made up of sponsors, the street artist Combo, members of the foundation and financers of Stand as One chose a winner-Anaïs Lacombe.

Innovation through constraints - This project has been realised in collaboration with Laureate and Laurent Ungerer, designer and professor at the EnsAD. We have also been able to count on the assistance of Jean-Baptiste Epron, great naviagtor and also designer of the most famous racing yachts- Groupama, Ericsson, Banque Populaire etc. The project has been completed whilst also integrating all the technical and financial implementation constraints.

Triumphing as a team - Youngsters, professionals, sponsors, athletes, all of them, Stand as One has been able to see with delight on the 8 June, the launching of the boat proudly wearing the colors of diversity. To follow the official launch of the project, make an appointment for June 11, 2015 on this site, on Twitter or on our Facebook page!