Good afternoon everyone,

First of all, congratulations to EY who won the first challenge – Dare to be different! The collaborators who made the video will come sailing on board Stand as One next year.

The concept of risk is always present in the difference. To have something that I've never had, I need to do something I've never done. And what is the best way to do something you never did? Well, it is to work with someone with whom you have never worked with before. Someone different: another service, another origin, generation, gender, etc.
That's what we did with Sam for the Jacques Vabre. Today is what I do in some ways too. I experience another way of navigating. I take a risk to live a new powerful experience.

On the navigation side, today is a day to put behind you and forget. We are stuck in a windless zone this morning. Off Teixeira de Freitas where a northerly tide meets a southerly tide: a no wind land. We fought for 17 hours with the lack of wind but the boat and I surrendered we and started the engine. It is that which propels us when I write, to the dizzying speed of 5 knots. As the hull of Stand as One is not made for navigating with the engine, it taps, it stops and then it goes again and taps again. In short, it is noisy and not very effective but it is our only option to move forward.

Until tomorrow,