At 3:45 p.m. (French time) this Friday, November 13, 2015, Stand as One has crossed the finish line of this 12th edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre IMOCA ranking seventh. Eric and Sam have therefore spent 19 days 2:15 minutes and 34 seconds at an average speed of 11.78 knots on the 5400 miles (10,000 km) route from Le Havre to Itajaí.

The happiness on the faces of our two skippers could be clearly read, proud to have kept their promise to go through with this race until the finishing line.

An intense race, which held spellbound every employee of our 14 corporate sponsors, the skippers’ families and the members of Stand as One’s crew.
It’s been a physical race for Eric Bellion and Sam Goodchild. Indeed, the first week was marked by a succession of 3 depressions that forced many of the other competitors to abandon the race. Stand as One was able to demonstrate its strength and ability to face the raging seas. The skippers then had to use strategy to avoid being stuck in the doldrums. Last week, finally, was marked by numerous manoeuvres along the coast of Brasil in order to maintain the pace and allow Stand as One to retain its seventh position, faced with Newrest Matmut and Bureau Vallée.
Eric and Sam have demonstrated a great complementarity during the entire race. The two sailors, despite their differences, have found a good rhythm and developed trust between each other that allowed them to go beyond their own limits and perform better together.

It’s a lucky day indeed on this Friday 13th of November.
It’s a proud day also for those who enabled this adventure to exist.

Eric, Sam, people back on shore who support you are greeting you. Thank you for making us buzz.