"This morning discovery at starboard : Fabrice Amedeo and Eric Peron are in full view. We had already guessed it was their sails in the distance between two doldrums but now they are really close ! I wake Sam up : " If you want to see Matmut closely this is the time! ". It took him a good ten seconds to react and to come out on the deck. The smile is instantaneous. That’s cool !

And yes it's great when our competitors become boats again and not just little virtual suppositories. We look at this beautiful boat, we savour the moment, and then the racer instinct takes over. We trim on, we refine, to keep them in our wake.

None of the boats is going to call the other until the other one shows his hand. Neither one nor the other will let his comrade cross in front.
The stage is set and Eric Peron calls us. For the first time since October the 25th, the VHF crackles. We are given news of our respective shipboards and we speak again of the winds of the Azores obviously. "How much did you have on your station? We had 48! Ah we had 52 knots! We hang up on a "Have a good journey guys". Now, this road, we are cruising it together, in turn gaining miles on the other. This is awesome!"

Eric & Sam