At less than 800 nm from the finishing line, the competition is raging between the IMOCA's. Stand as One, still in seventh position, only 28 small nm behind MACSF and 23 nm in front of Newrest Matmut continues to fight valiantly to retain its place, or even gain another one !
An unstable wind along the Brasilian coast does not make things easy. During this morning session whith the organisation, Eric shared these few words:

"We are under Gennaker. We are in the process of luffing to move down the coast. We try to keep our place. It is a bitter fight. We are at the helm, there will be many sail changes to come. The wind is not steady in it's strength or direction. We go from 6 to 20 knots and it can take 50°. It's pretty gruelling. It's a long race and we work on it, I'm not used to that. It's intense and really physical. I realise that it is a sport that really takes committment. We should be arriving in three days, on Friday during the daytime, at around 12 pm, but we do not have all the cards in our hands."

I don’t know about you but here we are keeping our eyes on the tracker of the Transat, wondering what will be the outcome of the fight ! Go Stand as one !