This is Sam today who spoke with the organization and told us about his day. Stand as One has passed the Cape Verde. The leaders are in the Doldrums and so the IMOCA fleet is expected to compress over the next few hours.... Will Sam and Eric be able to benefit? They are holding the 9th place but have closed the gap to 60nm of the closest competitor and Stand as One is sailing at a good speed. Go Stand As One!

"So we're here at 16 degrees North. We're heading South, we've got 20-25kts of wind and the gennaker up. We're probably averaging 17-18kts which is the best we've done since the beginning so pretty good! The boat's in good shape as well, we've small issues I imagine like everybody, but nothing that stops us from sailing the boat to its potential. The next complicated thing we've got to deal with is the Doldrums. We're arriving probably tomorrow night there, hopefully it will give us an opportunity to catch up with the guys just in front of us and hopefully they won't be too painful to get through. At the moment the forecast looks pretty complicated. We're looking everyday or twice a day and hoping it will get a bit better and see where the best place to get through is, the least painful and the least expensive in terms of miles. And hopefully we can get a bit closer to the other guys for the last 2000 miles to Brazil!"