"Dear diary,

We visited the racing boat on Sunday. The race ends in South America. I took some pictures and looked around the boat (Comme Un Seul Homme) and a man showed us how it worked. Then I asked him to wish Eric, the sailor of the boat good luck. I asked him some questions (with the other young people who were also visiting) and went inside the boat. It was a bit smelly and we each received a gift - A ribbon and a badge. We went to find the others and then came back."




1) Is there a motor on the boat ?

  • Yes.

2) Why do you need a mast and a sail ?

  • So we can advance with the wind.

3) Are you hooked up with a harness when there is lots of wind ?

  • No, not outside of the boat, but we are attached to the deck with life-vests when there is a lot of wind.

4) How do you prepare your food ?

  • There is a small stove and we have bags with powder and water. There is a device for converting salt water to fresh water.

5) And to go the toilet ?

  • We use a bucket for the toilet.

6) Is there a shower ?

  • No, we wash with a bucket of water.

7) How long ago did you leave ? When did you arrive ?

  • Approximately 21 days. The beginning of November.

8) How do you sleep while being sure that the boat is sailing well ?

  • We sleep on beanbags, for 20 minutes every 2 hours. We sleep next to the engine to stay warm. We don’t both sleep at the same time. While one sleeps the other sails.

9) What do you win at the end of the race ?

  • Pride, and happiness to have finished the race. The first placed boat wins the record and some money.

10) How do you see the other boats at night ?

  • Thanks to the software on the computer.

11) What do you do if you are in need of food ?

  • We start with 50 kg of food. We could fish but there is not much time !

12) Are you allowed to stop en route (to go shopping) ?

  • No, there is no stopover. If we stop, we lose !

13) How does one stop the boat?

  • The boat operates with the wind and stops when it is facing the wind. We must turn the boat with the rudder.

14) How do you see outside when you're inside?

  • Thanks to the computers. alt