Eric Bellion has chosen the sea and sailing as a laboratory of diversity. Sailing is good, but not everyone has had the chance to evolve with spinnaker-shaped wings and a tiller in his hand. So we turned to Didier Ravon, a longstanding friend of Eric and one of the finest sailing connoisseurs of our time, to share with us his knowledge and become the "voice of sailing" of Stand as One...

alt "Before becoming an editor of Voiles et Voiliers, I also raced, including in the America's Cup in Australia. I had the privilege of covering from A to Z the seven editions of the Vendée Globe which brings so many emotions, even for followers. For over ten years and from the first world tour Eric Bellion did on Kifouine, we have forged a true friendship. When Eric embarked on this crazy adventure, I was sure he would go to the end! It is thus quite natural and with great pleasure that I wanted to "bring my voice and add my two cents", to try to help people better understand the extraordinary challenge that awaits him." Didier Ravon.

Over the coming months, you will see on this mag Didier's articles full of salty humour, his guides and his analysis of the adventure that Eric and the entire Stand as One's team are living.

Thank you Didier!!!